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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

My name is Andrea, I am married with two sons who are 15 and 20. Now that I have some time to go back to being "me" instead of the haggered looking woman with dried animal crackers stuck to the back of her skirt, just daydreaming about the possibility of getting some sleep tonight. Since I no longer have adorable little toddlers to take pictures of, I have changed my primary hobby ( always have a bunch ) to Essential Oils. This is just so perfect for me given my love of gardening, herbs and cooking. Now I'm cooking up some fabulous skin care and therapeutic botanical products. My family...although sceptical...are always willing to try out my latest creation. I've already decided that I want to take aromatherapy classes when I retire. One of things I've discovered about myself is that I am my best self when I am learning something.

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