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Essential Oils for Life with Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hygiene is obviously important, it’s essential for life with hidradenitis suppurativa because the spread of bacteria can make it much worse. But lots of these products, as well as dressings, can cause pain and irritation. Therefore, skincare is just as essential.

Some people worry about using deodorant. However, friction and sweat may irritate your lesions. But some people may find deodorant itself irritating. So, you may choose a fragrance- free brand. or try our hidradenitis suppurativa deodorant.

Here is our HS deodorant:

If you have HS, a priority will be preventing friction. One excellent way is to wear comfortable clothing, especially during a flare-up. Personally, I find swapping jeans for leggings or a skirt helpful. But with a little trial and error, you will find your own style.

If you have HS under your breasts, you may decide to avoid bras with underwires. Bralettes can be comfortable. But also, going braless if you can is good too. If you have HS is around your thighs or groin, underwear may become a problem. So, make sure it’s doesn’t pinch, and it’s comfortable.

You may have heard that avoiding certain foods may help your HS. research demonstrates that foods like sugar, dairy and brewer’s yeast may trigger HS. Other foods like nightshades and gluten may also impact on your condition. Learn what triggers your HS from journaling your diet and reactions.

My customers swear by essential oils. Hidradenitis suppurativa essential oils include tea tree and lavender. Tea tree for its anti-microbial properties, and lavender for reducing inflammation. And aloe vera can also soothe irritated skin.

My customer favorite for HS pain relief method is a compress. A warm compress can alleviate pain. And draw an infection to the surface of the skin. A cold compress can reduce inflammation, thus easing pain.

There’s a personal learning curve to HS management. But this list is a good place to start and it’s certainly not exhaustive either. The key things to remember are:

  • Keep lesions clean and free of infection.

  • Make sure your dressings and clothes are comfortable.

  • Learn about your personal triggers

  • Develop your own HS diet around your personal needs.

  • HS skincare is as important as hygiene and HS pain relief.

  • Essential Oil remedies can bring great relief and provides preventive measures.

Lastly, the right way to care for your condition is the way that works for you.

Stay well my friends,



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