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Botanical Delights utilizes nature's best through premium quality essential oils, botanical extracts and herbal oil infusions. The blending of highly concentrated essential oils can result in an entirely new molecular composition, rendering the blend more effective than the individual oils. Such blends are known as Synergy Blends. We offer natural and pure essential oil blends for various purposes. Each of our blends have unique characteristics that are known to enhance emotional and physical balance. Our specialties include natural pain relief, anti fungal skincare and herbal skin care. We strive for the most potent, clean and powerful essences to bring you to your optimal self. Experience the power of essential oils!


A Little About Botanical Delights...

At Botanical Delights, we want to help you feel better, naturally.

I started out making blends for family, friends and co-workers. I love helping people through difficult times. After an abundance of great feedback, I started my product line called Botanical Delights. I wanted to reach out and help more people and it's been an amazing and deeply fulfilling journey. 


My life changing moment was diving headfirst into the world of chemistry for a friend that was faced with a frightening medical diagnosis, a series of health challenges and chronic pain. She was seeking a more effective and natural solution to aid her recovery, as the opioid epidemic was frightening to say the least. I took the plunge into chemistry 101 to formulate synergy blends to alleviate her myriad of symptoms such as pain, anxiety, brain fog and more. I knew in my heart that she deserved to live, not just survive. Her remarkable journey to recovery was inspiring to say the least.

This experience ignited my passion to connect people with the power of plant products and ultimately expanded Botanical Delights product line to include a full line of pain relief solutions. My original blends are still available at Botanical Delights today. They form our core product offering and continue to be bestsellers.

At Botanical Delights, customers are inspired to live healthier and happier lives, and I am inspired to make a difference in their lives.  With this mutual dedication a stronger, healthier community is being formed, one wellness goal at a time. 

Welcome to the Botanical Delights community.

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    A Little About Me...

    My name is Andrea. I am a wife, mother, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Clinical Financial Analyst for a local hospital. I have been a full time Clinical Financial Analyst for over 20 years. I love to laugh and vow to never grow old in spirit. I am on a wellness journey...cutting chemicals, expanding my spiritual path, meditating and discovering the healing power of Mother Nature. My life has been so drastically transformed by essential oils, which has ignited a love for helping others learn how to use them as well. I am committed to providing you with the support you need to use your essential oils safely and effectively.


    I am forever grateful for this opportunity to help others discover the power of essential oils and change their lives for the better. Namasté

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