Kids Sleep Soundly Essential Oil Roller

Fall asleep and stay asleep!
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Kids Sleep Soundly Synergy Blend Roller Bottle - Great for Kids and Adults!

Botanical Delights Kids Sleep Soundly Synergy Blend is a handpicked nourishing blend of high quality essential oils and naturally occurring constituents. Together, this blend relaxes your child, turns down their over-stimulated mind, leaving them open to peaceful rest that turns quickly to a peaceful slumber.

Let our Sleep Soundly Essential Oil Blend help your child unwind while easing them into a restful, relaxed, and peaceful sleep.

This amazing blend of essential oils not only smells wonderful, but it is considered helpful in dealing with the insomnia woes that have been keeping your child up at night. Go ahead – roll on some Sleep Soundly and watch them then roll over for some sweet sleep!

Ingredients: Apricot Seed Oil, Essential Oils of Orange, Juniper, Coriander, Blue Tansy and Rose Absolute

Use: Apply topically on pulse points, on neck and behind ears. Cup hands close to your nose and inhale deeply for additional aromatherapy. This is an excellent way to use essential oils and is extremely effective.

Size: 10ml

Age: 2+
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