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10 Things Your Teen Wants You to Know

Raising teenagers is not easy. I once saw in compared to nailing jello to a tree. Yeah, that sums up some days for sure. It is still hard for me to believe that ten plus years ago I had kids in my lap reading them stories.

My heart simultaneously aches and bursts. This stage is hard, even with a strong relationship, and I'm certainly open to tips to make it better. My oldest will be turning 21 this year and I am seeing so much of the teenage angst fall to the wayside. We've had many conversations about life and relationships. The words pour out like a river, like I've just breached a dam waiting to be opened. He has so much to say. And I am glad to listen and brainstorm so I can let you all in on what's going on in their heads.

1. Let conversation happen naturally

As much as we long to know how they're doing, don't force conversation through repetitive interrogation (yeah that's how it feels) Allow conversation to happen out of the blue while engaged in an activity together--driving in the car, cooking dinner, or even shopping. It's possible that the more time spent in each other's space will foster more conversation.

2. Own your mistakes and refuse to be a hypocrite

If teens are blessed with any sixth sense, it's their ability to detect hypocrisy. How many times have you heard &