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Kindness Matters

This reminds me of something that happened at work a few weeks ago. I was walking to the entrance of the hospital where I work and I noticed a man sitting on a bench. He was laying back with his arm over his eyes. I was watching him because I was thinking he may need help.

Just as I was approaching he sat up and we locked eyes. I smiled and he smiled. I said hi, and asked him if he was okay. He asked me if I had a minute. I said "of course" and sat down beside him. He told me that the love of his life was laying in a bed upstairs and even though the doctors said she was going to be okay, he was scared.

He told me that he was praying while he was laying down and he asked God to send him a sign that she would be okay. When he sat up he saw me smiling at him. He saw that as his sign so he wanted to thank me for my kindness. I took his hand and smiled again. We both shed a few tears. I wished him well and went on my way. Kindness matters and it only takes a very short time to spread it around.


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