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Rosacea Control with Essential Oils

natural rosacea skin care. essential oils for rosacea

Rosacea is an irritating, chronic condition of the skin which affects many people, typically after the age of 30. Rosacea is complicated and can be difficult to deal with. Typically the beginning of the condition appears as redness and swelling around the face and cheeks, often coming and going for no apparent reason. As the condition progresses, Rosacea may spread to the neck, chest, ears, nose, or even scalp.

The skin becomes ruddy, inflamed, and sometimes a bit chafed looking. Blood vessels may become more apparent through the skin, and acne or little bumps may begin to appear, and these may even be filled with pus. Extra tissue might even begin to accumulate which causes the nose to begin looking inflamed and bumpy.

Relving Rosacea Symptoms

The flare-ups of Rosacea can be painful and often embarrassing as they may make the person affected to be self-conscious about the way he or she looks. One of the most critical parts of relieving the symptoms of Rosacea is to relieving the inflammation and redness in order to help to person’s skin appear more as it normally would. Rosacea may be cyclical in that it comes and goes in various stages, but it is not cured. However, there are certain medications and natural remedies which can help alleviate the symptoms and difficulties of the condition.

Doctors may prescribe antibiotics or other types of prescription medication such as steroids. However, these types of chemicals may have adverse side effects on the body, which makes many people look for a more natural way to reduce the skin troubles and other factors caused by the presence of Rosacea. The almost magical ability for essential oils to be able to aid with many of the symptoms of Rosacea is an encouragement to those wanting natural options. However, do remember to check with your doctor or do your own research before using essential oils, especially when using with other medications. A great choice made by Botanical Delights is described below:

Botanical Delights Rosacea Probiotic Aloe Jelly is a nourishing skin healing miracle. The main symptoms of rosacea – inflammation, irritation (and the resulting anxiety, stress and low self esteem) can be diminished by using essential oils to keep the skin cool, reduce inflammation, constrict blood vessels and limit irritation. Use: Massage into area to be healed. It is very important to avoid: all skin products containing alcohol, soap (consider using jojoba oil or baby castile soap with jojoba and tamanu added into it), and never exfoliate rosacea skin.


Essential oils for rosacea are critical tools in naturally fighting the battle against Rosacea and various other skin conditions or issues. Combining the natural healing properties of these oils allows your body to take advantage of what nature has to offer and find relief from the pesky redness, swelling, and sensitivity of nasty skin issues such as Rosacea.

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