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One Thing at a Time

An easy thing to forget as adults is that children are not the best at multitasking. Jumping from one task to another with no warning or no transition can cause children to stress and lose focus. Help your child or students stay focused by equipping them and allowing them to knock out the task at hand one at a time. If it’s necessary to move on before they are finished, give them a warning ahead of time and help them transition smoothly over to the next task.

Give Them Realistic Expectations

Children thrive when they are given realistic expectations and goals that are actually possible for them to accomplish. Bigger goals or tasks can be made practical or possible for them to achieve if you take the time to break those goals or tasks down into smaller, bite-sized chunks. If the job is too big, children are going to lose interest and focus. Let them know ahead of time what is expected and when it’s expected. If the children in question can read, write it out for them, step by step. If they can’t read, use pictures to create a schedule or list of tasks and go over it with them.

Create a Focus-Based Learning Environment

Creating a focus-based learning environment for children, either at home or in the classroom, is SO important and can be easily accomplished. Give them a space to learn that is free from distraction. Remove any clutter and keep it clean and free of any unnecessary items that may cause them to lose interest or focus on their assignments.

Maintain Consistent Routines

Consistent routines are a parent, teacher, and child’s best friend. When children know what to expect throughout the day, they tend to have less stress and more focus. It’s essential to set time aside for studying, homework, play, and sleep as well as any tasks in between. At home, the most critical consistent routines you can establish to help with focus are bedtime and wake up. Ensuring children go to bed on time each night will go a long way in improving their focus throughout each day. Making sure they wake up on time each morning and know what to expect will help them start their days off healthier and more stress-free. Doing so will also allow them to spend more energy at school, focusing on the different tasks at hand. Try these blends in the mornings before school to help give them that extra support in the morning to get them through the day.

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