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Kick Your Negativity to the Curb!

There are so many moments in life that are difficult, painful, scary and hard to endure. There are times when we feel anger, anxiety, grief, embarrassment, stress, remorse or other negative emotions.

In these trying times we often want to escape the pain, drown it out or push it away somehow. We may begin a mental struggle with the pain trying to mentally talk our way out of it, or we distract ourselves with activities or drown it out with food or drink or something stronger. The only problem is that these techniques only disguise the pain. It's still living in your heart.

All these ways of avoiding pain only perpetuate it in the long run. Avoidance creates suffering and keeps us from living this miraculous and precious life that we have.

Through mindfulness you can learn to turn your negative emotions into your greatest teachers and sources of strength.


Instead of ‘turning away’ from pain we can learn to gently ‘turn towards’ what we’re experiencing. We can bring attention to the wounded parts of ourselves and make wise choices about how to respond to ourselves and to life. Burying sadness and pain does not serve us well.

It is by turning towards negative emotions that we find relief from them – not by turning away.