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Sleep and Relaxation - Why it's Important for your Mind and Body

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  • The Importance Of Sleep

  • Using Massage Blends For Sleep Disorders

  • Sleep Inducing Massage Blend

  • Winding Down Sleep Massage Blend


  • A lack of restful sleep often has a negative impact on mental and physical states, sometimes leading to anxiety or depression in severe cases.

  • Due to their relaxing and sedative properties, Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose, and Ylang Ylang are some of the popular essential oils known to address common sleep issues.

  • To further enhance the effectiveness of essential oils meant to promote better sleep, the oils can be combined in synergistic blends according to personal scent preferences.

  • Massage increases the chemical neurotransmitter that maintains the sleep cycle, moods, appetite, digestion, memory, and libido.

  • Aromatherapy massage as part of a nightly bedtime routine with a partner is a drug-free approach to preparing the mind and body for sleep.