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Taking a Nap or Going to Bed Early?

What's best taking a nap or hittin' the sack early? Both sound divine to this sleep deprived girl. In the long run though, a short nap can refresh you without throwing off your sleep schedule. And the best part, you can take naps every day without interupting your sleep schedule. Those toddler types don't know what they're missing! No tantrum here. Try to find a quite, dimly lit place to close your eyes for 20 minutes. You don't want to sleep too long or you will enter a deep sleep and will have that zombie look instead of being refreshed. Going to bed a little early (less than an hour) is fine, but any longer swings will disrupt your sleep schedule and a consistent bedtime keeps your internal clock right on track. Lets face it we are all tiny two year olds when sleep deprived. Why unleash that on the ones we love? Try to get some sleep.

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