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Expert Pediatrician Reveals How To Calm A Crying Baby In Seconds

It’s not surprising then that pediatrician Robert Hamilton has seen a lot of crying babies. What’s more unexpected is his unusual technique for calming them down, which, according to this video, works surprisingly fast. He wraps one of the baby’s arms in front of the other and holds them in place with one hand, all while supporting the baby’s head. He leans the baby slightly forward. With the other, he grabs the baby’s diapered behind and kind of wobbles it.

In the video, he demonstrates the so-called “Hold” on two babies and it works like a charm. Uploaded in late November, the video has now attracted millions of views and thousands of comments, some from new parents, some from nostalgic older parents and some from people who just really like babies.

If you’re giving “The Hold” a try, Dr. Block emphasizes that it’s important to lean the baby forward as you wrap, because they do like to throw their heads around and that can cause a parent to lose their grip.

Watch the delightful video with clear instructions that include gently shaking the baby’s booty. His hack can surely save the newborn parents as it works like charm.

This is amazing and it works!


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