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10 Things I Love About California

There is no where else quite like California. This is one of the places, or maybe the only place on earth, where you can go surfing, skiing, and riding a dirt bikes in the desert in one day. The only thing that California doesn’t have is…actually, I cannot think of any because it has everything! Although we do complain about the horrible traffic, smog, and occasional earthquakes, I have to say that California is pretty awesome.

Here's a list of what I think are the 10 great things about California:

1. 840 miles of beautiful coastline...need I say more?

Pacific Coast Highway is rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. This road that runs from Northern to Southern California should be on everyone’s road trip list. California coastline is extremely diverse and will take you through 3 great cities, LA, San Francisco, and San Diego. No one in California lives too far away from the beach!

2. It’s mostly sunny in California

If there’s one stereotype that is quite true about California, it has to be the weather. It is almost always sunny and beautiful even during the winter. As we watch other states suffer heavy rain or snow storm in January, many of us are out hitting the beach or hiking the mountains.