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DIY Eczema Soothing Skin Oil

Let me start by saying that I myself do not suffer with eczema. But someone close to me has dealt with eczema and sensitive skin all her life – and it has caused her much misery.

In an effort to eliminate her misery I reached for my essential oils. A few days into using this oil mixture, her skin had greatly improved. Sweet relief!

I want to share the formula with you. Some may find that other alternative oils work better for them. Great! But I’m going to share our exact recipe anyway because for us, this brought relief.

Also, note this: One doesn’t need to have eczema to benefit from the incredible results!


You will need:

– 6 tablespoons carrier oil (such as sweet almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, kukui nut oil, etc.)

*I find that a mixture of kukui, avocado, and almond is my favorite.

Essential Oils

– 4 drops patchouli

– 10 drops frankincense

– 10 drops geranium

– 1 drop clary sage

– 11 drops lavender

– 3 drops mandarin

– 1 drop ylang ylang

– 9 drops bergamot

1. Add the carrier oil to a glass bottle (a bottle with a dropper make it easier to handle).

2. Add in the essential oils.

3. Put the lid on and gently shake the bottle to combine. Use as much oil as necessary on your skin twice daily.

Diet plays a big role in skin health. So that’s also a great place to start. I would strongly encourage you to give this treatment a try if you or someone you knows suffers with occasional skin issues. It’s a wonderful option to have in your tool belt!

I pray that this helps you!

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