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Salt Water Baths Calm Pain

If you're a sufferer of chronic pain related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, or muscular low back issues, this one is for you: using average table salt in your next bath can really help to reduce the amount of pain you get in your joints. The discovery, made by scientists in 2012, shows that a saltwater bath takes a lot of the agony out of inflammation-based pain syndromes.

Why? Salt reduces swelling in cells by dehydrating them, and acts as an inhibitor of the inflammation that causes such serious pain in sufferers. Interestingly, salt baths are one of the most ancient on the planet, beloved by the ancient Greeks and made into a full-blown industry in the 1700s in Europe. Clearly salt baths for pain relief have been a thing for thousands of years.

Steam Helps To Reduce Cold Symptoms

We can't make the common cold vanish, but getting yourself submerged in hot water targets two different elements of cold-management: steam therapy and overall body temperature.

The inhalation of steam is an excellent remedy for cold-induced misery. It clears out the nasal passages while reducing inflammation, and a steamy bath is a great source of the stuff. And it's recommended that you keep yourself warm when you're suffering from a virus: a 2011 study showed that elevated body temperature actually helps certain elements of your immune system to function more efficiently, helping you fight off infections and general nasties. A warm bath makes your immune system work better.

Hot Baths Before Bed Produce Better Sleep

A good night's sleep is associated with a host of health benefits, from immune system strength to better pain recovery, and a heated bath before be