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Skin Care Peptides: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Looking for a better performance from your skin? Behold the power of peptides. You may have heard a lot about these high-potency skincare standouts, like their unbelievable benefits and what products to find them in — but why are they so important for youthful-looking skin? Here’s everything you need to know.

Peptides are fragments of protein that, on their own, are made up of amino acids. When these acids combine in certain formations, they create peptides. And when those peptides are formed, they make proteins. Think of proteins as fundamental building blocks for your skin.

Peptides are performance specific.

Peptides found naturally in the skin work the same way as lab-created peptides (AKA those found in skincare): each is on a mission to address a particular skin concern. For a hyper-targeted solution, topically applied peptides can address everything from hyperpigmentation and dehydration, to slack or wrinkled skin. Tailor-make your skincare routine to plump, tighten,

soothe and more — there’s a peptide for that.