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Unwind Your Mind in Six Easy Steps

1. Put down the Technology For some of us, our iPhones are like members of the family. You play your games on them, you do business on them and heck, sometimes you even call people with them. But to truly unwind and de-stress, it’s important to step away from the things that can tether you to your commitments and obligations. Sometimes all this information with no down time can be overwhelming. Silence your phone, or even better yet, turn it off so that you don’t have to be distracted by alerts and notifications when you’re trying to get some much-needed R&R.

2. Volunteer Your Time There’s nothing like engaging in an activity you really care about to help clear your mind and re-charge the batteries. Whether you want to volunteer at a soup kitchen or help socialize adoptable pets, there are few things that can have a greater impact, while also helping you along the way. It’s often low-stress and can help remind you to prioritize what’s really important in your life. Hospitals are great places to volunteer and very rewarding.

3. Bust out the Tunes Did you know that listening to music can actually increase blood flow? Whether you’re into Kenny Chesney or Rage Against the Machine, just listening to your favorite music can help improve your mood and clear your mind. Programs like iTunes, Spotify and Pandora make getting your favorite tunes (even those from way back when) easy and affordable. Better yet, get up and move around, and enjoy a mini dance party in your living room. It’ll get your blood pumping, and you’ll feel refreshed and able to relax. Go ahead no one's looking!

4. Write it Down Have a million and one thoughts running through your head? If so, putting all of those ideas and worries on a piece of paper may help you sort through them and push past those that are preventing you from unwinding. Which ones can be addressed right now? Which ones are out of your control? Think it through, and when you’re done, toss the piece of paper in the trash. Tell yourself you’ve given those issues as much time as they’re worth, and that it’s time to move forward. Sounds weird but this works.

5. Get in Touch With Nature When was the last time you went for a walk without purpose? Just to see what you discover? Like a mini dance party, getting some fresh air, especially in an area with lots of foliage, can be invigorating and a chance to reflect on the simpler things in life. If you have a dog, take him or her with you, and get the added benefit of exercising them as well. Animals are thought to have a calming influence, so it’ll be mutually beneficial and also a great way to get a little peace of mind.

6. Explore the regenerating effects of essential oils.

I have been blending and creating so many stress-free and relaxing blends that really get me out of a funk. I like that I can feel good about the plant based, natural solution that really works for me and improves my mood and health. This is one of my favorites:

Experiment with different things until you find something that works for you. Letting go of stress is a must for happy living and happy living is healthy living. I know there are times when you feel like there isn't enough time for YOU but we need to make time. When you make time, everything else in your life seems to run smoother and with less stress. Try it!

​Stay well my friends.


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