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Is it Hot in Here? Dash the Hot Flash!

Uggh...Is it hot in here? Hot flashes are the most frequent symptoms of menopause and most women suffer from them to some degree. A lot of women are looking for a natural solution after many freightening studies noted serious side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

Hot flashes are a symptom which is often caused by the fluctuating hormone levels that are characteristic of menopause. Hot flashes may begin to appear several years before menopause starts and last for years afterwards. A hot flash is a feeling of intense heat with sweating and rapid heartbeats that may be accompanied by a red, flushed face. Oh yeah...just what I need!

Some women feel as if they are going to faint. The hot flash event may occur a few times each week or every few minutes throughout the day. Hot flashes accompanied with sweating can also occur at night. These are called night sweats and they will interfere with your sleep. In this case it can affect mood, decrease concentration and cause other physical problems. Lack of sleep is a sure fire way to ignite your inner psycho!

I would like to share with you my natural remedies for hot flashes that may improve the quality of your life. These two blends helped me immensely, making me feel normal again.

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