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Let Nature Bring you Peace

Sometimes life can be overwelming. Sometimes you just need a rejuvenate. You cannot participate in the give and take that every relationship needs when you are empty inside. Find something that sings to your soul, that makes you feel whole again and DO that.

Another life enricher for me is essential oils. Let nature bring you peace. Discover oils that are essential for a reason – they boost your mood, revitalize your skin, ease an upset tummy, help you sleep, ease stress and so much more.

Get a whiff of this: Essential oils have been around for centuries, sales have reached $1.2 billion over the last few years and that number is growing annually. The growth is likely thanks to the mounting research on the pain-relieving, mood-improving, and sleep-inducing abilities of these plant extracts. “A lot of my patients who have anxiety or just everyday stress respond amazingly well to aromatherapy,” says Brent Bauer, MD, director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program.

I know that is certainly my experience. I use essential oils every day and they have helped me to eliminate so many toxic products from my every day routine. The best part is that I have not sacrificed anything. The products I make are more effective, natural, and cheaper. I love creating new things and it is a very fun and educational hobby for me. Win Win!

Some of my favorite products for stress and mood enhancement are:

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