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The Vagus Nerve & Anxiety Link

The Vagus Nerve activates the body’s relaxation response and helps regulate stress. It is the longest nerve in the body, connecting the brain to the neck, heart, lungs, spleen and the digestive system. It has many functions within those body systems with vital involvement in sensory and movement functions and a major role in balancing the nervous system.

By stimulating the vagus nerve, you can send a message to your body that it's time to relax, which leads to long-term improvements in mood, wellbeing and state of mind.

People with fatigue, food sensitivities, anxiety, gut problems, etc. usually have lower vagal tone, which means a lower ability of the nerve to activate or perform its functions. In other words, low vagal tone = inflammation!

Inflammation is the enemy of every body system.

Essential oils can play a primary role in activating your Vagus Nerve. I use this blend along with daily Meditation and it has changed my life. If you look at the list, these are all wonderful, self care activities that can play a major role in your overall health.

You can also use additional essential oil blends with some of the activities below that are great stimulators for your Vagus Nerve:

1) Meditation

2) Massage

3) Singing and Chanting

4) Yoga

5) Deep Breathing Techniques

6) Laughter with Friends

7) Prayer

8) Probiotics

9) Intermittent Fasting

Vagus Nerve Oil Ingredients: Apricot Seed Oil, Pure Essential Oils of Copaiba, Bergamot, Frankincense, Lime, Juniper Berry, Clove, Rosemary, Lavender, Ho Wood

Use: Roll Vagus Nerve Oil along both sides of your neck. Lightly massage in a circular motion with fingertips and gently rub behind your earlobes. Cup hands over nose and breathe deeply for 5 full breaths.

Size - 10ml Glass Roller Bottle or 2 oz Glass Bottle

Ages 10+


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