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Essential Oil Shelf Life

Pure essential oils do not go rancid and they don't really have a hard set expiration date. Over time, however, essential oils can oxidize, deteriorate and gradually lose their therapeutic value and aromatic quality.

The lifespan of essential oils can potentially vary tremendously from one botanical to the next, from one distillation to the next, and from one supplier to the next. Key factors that can directly affect the shelf life of an essential oil include the following:

The composition of natural chemical constituents present in the essential oil

The method of distillation

The conditions and care used during the distillation

The quality of the botanical used

The care in bottling, storage and handling of the essential oil by your supplier and any suppliers they obtained the oil from

The storage conditions of the oil once you have received it

Because many of the factors that impact shelf life begin with the botanical planting/harvesting, distillation and initial handling/storage of your essential oil, it's important to shop with essential oi