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A Better Bedtime - No More Battles

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Kids just love extending the bedtime routine. After a long day of parenting, most of us look forward to the time our children go to bed so we can have a little me time. We need a little break to refuel and start up the next day again.

That’s why having a nightly bedtime battle can be so difficult. Patience is thin. Frustrations are high. And everyone is tired. Losing your cool and your kid losing theirs is not going to get them to sleep any faster.'ve got this! Don't are masters at finding ways to divert your mission so stay focused and don't waiver.

Getting kids to sleep is a nightmare (ha ha) for most parents but it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not, you can make bedtime fun for the whole family. The key is to create a gentle routine, where everyone can survive and dare I say thrive?

Here are some tips to end bedtime battles and make the nighttime routine enjoyable for the whole family:

1) Get the bath done early. Soaking in magnesium water (epsom salts) is a great relaxer. Many kids (and adults) are magnesium deficient and this affects your sleep.

2) Story time! Let them pick their favorite books and have them lay in bed while you are reading.

3) Keep the lights dim the last hour or so before bedtime. Darkness promotes melatonin production which induces sleep.

4) Put glow in the dark stars on their ceiling and have them count stars if they can't sleep.

5) Diffuse essential oils in their room.

6) Roll on essential oil blends help immensely. They are safe and very effective. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sleepytime Calming Balm: Botanical Delights Sleepytime Calming Balm is for kids 2+. Make sure they are in bed when you rub it on. This works fast!


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